The Indaba Coffee downtown location brings in many people walking around the city. The construction that is happening on the same block as the well-known coffee bar does not seem to be steering away people from stopping by. In addition to their downtown store front, you can find their founding location another West Central.


My coffee and chocolate tasting at Indaba Coffee was spectacular. The level of quality and innovation in their coffee is evident. For starters, they roast their own coffee at the West Central location. They also use a variety of trendy technology from Fellow, which incorporates Bluetooth technology into kettles, grinders, and scales. I enjoyed three different courses at the Indaba Coffee Downtown location:

1) Pour Over of our Love Birds Release Coffee

2) Love Birds Mocha Signature Drink

3) Ritual Chocolate –Peru 75% cacao

 The Love Birds Mocha was a featured drink in honor of Valentine’s Day. The drink contained house made dark chocolate, a shot of coffee, and incorporated with steamed cherry juice. Visually the drink was beautiful with the light pink hue milk topped with a delicious red cherry. I was fascinated by the process of the pour over I tasted. The process takes time; making sure to add exactly the right amount of water to coffee to get the perfect brew of coffee.  Finally, I indulged in some fantastic Ritual chocolate. The chocolate was a great compliment to the pour over. The chocolate I tasted was made with pure Nacional cacao, one of the most genetically unique beans in the world.

 Indaba Coffee carries a variety of food products from local Spokane shops. You can find food from Boots Bakery, Protein Puck, and Batch bakeshop.


Given the busyness of downtown Spokane, there is a large amount of foot traffic that comes in and out of Indaba Coffee. Whether you are looking to grab a drink on your way to work, or during a break in between meetings, this is your place to go. The baristas that work at Indaba provide a friendly welcoming to both familiar and new faces that walk into their store. The space is inviting with a modern feel to it. The limited seating creates an open environment that allows customers to socialize with one another.



What makes Indaba Coffee different from any other coffee shop that you might come across? Owner, Bobby Enslow’s vision for opening Indaba Coffee is something that is evident in every aspect of the business. Giving back to the community that he grew up in and providing opportunities to folks who are underprivileged was the overarching vision Bobby had from the very beginning. Creating a business based off of openness, love, and mutual trust has played a role in the success of Indaba. Bobby’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. The small coffee shop was awarded the 2016 Agora Community Service Award. The award recognizes the “innovation, determination, and overall excellence” in the community. You feel good when you know you are supporting a company that is making such a large impact in your neighborhood.

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