**Unfortunately this restaurant has closed**


Mediterrano is located inside of Saranac Commons. Saranac Commons is designed as an open concept building that host other local Spokane shops and restaurants.


Fresh, Healthy, and Delicious. I can’t think of a better trio of words that would describe Mediterrano. I mean just look at the vibrant and perfectly chopped veggies in this photo! What you are looking at is the Falafel Rice Bowl. Yep, that’s right…under the mass amounts of veggies and falafels you will find the Mediterranean inspired rice. Only complaint?! I should have brought a friend along with me on this foodie adventure to help me finish! Aside from their insanely big rice bowls, you can find classic Greek dishes such as hummus, gyros, and spanakopita.


When you enter Saranac Commons you instantly feel a part of the community that has been created in the building. Mediterrano encompasses the vision of the Saranac Commons, and more. Find a table…any table in the Commons, order your food, and they will call out your name when your food is ready. The customer service is incredible. Put aside the food…the workers alone would be a reason I would go back. Their ability to make tasty food, clear tables, and strike up a personable conversation with you was unique to see. You can tell that the workers really enjoyed their job and have a loyal following of customers that stop by often.


I find it refreshing when I come across a restaurant that exceeds my expectations. Looking at Mediterrano from the outside, it seems like it would be a place to order real quickly, and grab your food and go. Quite the opposite actually. The experience that you get from being surrounded by such nice staff and customers makes you slow down in the fast paced world that we live in and enjoy those around you. I encourage you to check out Mediterrano and get out of your comfort zone; strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know and enjoy a good bite to eat while doing so.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more reviews!